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St. Paul and Minneapolis makeup the region of Minnesota known as the “Twin Cities.” With vast expanses of open land to the west in states like North Dakota, the Twin Cities region is the major urban center of the northern Midwest.

Because it is home to key industries such as finance, insurance, and manufacturing, Minneapolis offers a number of lucrative career fields. However, for Minneapolis-based businesses to thrive, they need to get the right sales team behind their goods and services.

With years of experience recruiting in Minneapolis, CulverCareers has the talent pool and expertise to locate top salespeople for your business.

What Do Minneapolis MN Sales Recruiters Do?

Sales recruiters in Minneapolis Minnesota must apply diverse skill-sets to be successful. For starters, sales recruiters are authorities in the industry within which they work – whether it be food, agriculture, or information technology (IT). Similarly, to locate the best possible candidates, recruiters must clearly understand the fine details of the jobs they are trying to fill.

Types of duties commonly conducted by sales recruiters include:

Perhaps the most important factors for being a good recruiter are strong communication skills and sociability. In the end, the best recruiters enjoy talking to people to understand their wants, needs, and interests.

What Types of Sales Jobs are in Minneapolis, MN? 

As the professional hub of Minnesota, Northern Wisconsin, and North Dakota, the Twin Cities have a variety of exciting and promising sales jobs. With key industries like biomedical, life sciences, food manufacturing, renewable energy, and financial technology calling Minneapolis home, skilled salespeople flock to the city to advance their careers.

With a large emphasis on renewable energy in the region, there is a need for salespeople who can deal with complex sales processes in solar energy. With the booming construction industry also seeing serious growth in Minnesota, builders are looking for salespeople to promote commercial and residential contracts.

If the IT industry is your focus, several major tech companies are located in the Twin Cities, including ServiceNow, Epicor, and Pennymac. The massive financial institution Northwestern Mutual also has a key headquarters in Minneapolis.

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Working with CulverCareers will ensure you find salespeople that can be trusted to represent your business in the field. After all, the best salespeople do more than meet their quarterly quotas – they also nourish and maintain relationships with established clients. All things considered, investing in the right sales team is investing in your company’s future.

Especially when it comes to more technical fields like information technology (IT) and engineering, your sales team must really know what they are talking about. There is no better way to put a damper on new business than a salesperson misrepresenting your company. By working with CulverCareers, you can avoid many of these costly mistakes and get right to the best talent.

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