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Determining Whether a Candidate is Reliable


Employee turnover can be costly to your company. It wastes time, money, energy, and disrupts the workflow. So, first and foremost, you need to make sure you’re staffing your team with reliable employees who will come to work and do the job you need them to do. Here are three ways you can determine how reliable a candidate is.

Evaluate Their Commitment

Ask why they want this particular job. If they’re just looking for something to pay the bills or fill their resume and they’re not passionate about your company or their role in it, they might not be the one you need to get the job done. Ask about their long-term plans for the same reason. If they see your company as a placeholder while they look for something better, you might not trust them to churn out quality work and be eager for new responsibilities. But if they’re excited about what you do, and seem like they’re motivated to move up the ranks in your company, they’ll probably work hard and be successful.

Inquire About Their Needs

Have them describe their ideal work situation and make sure it matches with what you have to offer. If they’re looking for the chance to telecommute but you need your staff to be onsite, then he might not be happy working for you. And if they’re dissatisfied, they’re probably not going to be very driven to go the extra mile. Instead, they might check out or even quit.

Ask About Their work history

There are a few red flags you can look for in this category. First, you want to hear about their history with high-pressure situations. Ask about a time they had to make a difficult decision. If the stress was too much and paralyzed their ability to function, this is not a good sign. If they accepted the challenge and were able to work through it, you’re probably dealing with someone who you can trust with future high-pressure situations and projects.

Ask about a time they disagreed with a co-worker. Were they able to constructively problem-solve the issue? Or was it too much for them to bear? As they’re describing the situation, note whether they repeatedly blame others or accepted responsibility. Conflict at work is inevitable, so it’s important they can be mature and resolve the matter without disrupting the workflow.

You also might want to ask about their personal life and how they’re able to handle a work-life balance. If they have recurring family crises they can persevere through, great. If they’ve had to miss time for them or they’ve been too distracting for them to get anything done, they might not make the most reliable employee.

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