We Knocked Their Socks Off

Kudos from some of our happy clients and candidates:


“Things are going well here. If I was able, I would give both you and Ted a big hug! This company is terrific! I can’t say ‘thank you’ enough!!”



“‘Congratulations, Sara.’ I recently became ill and had to change my travel plans last minute. Sara had to contact all the candidates and reschedule for two weeks later. I know this took a lot of work, and you would have never known it because Sara was so kind and positive to make the change.”



“Tim is extremely communicative and great to check in with me and follow up on candidates. His emails are always upbeat, positive, and helpful, and I always look forward to them.”



“Timo is GREAT! We always get amazing service and FUN! :)”



“Theresa found two very worthwhile candidates within a short period of time that my company ended up hiring.”



“Nadine consistently tracks down answers, follows up on action items during nights and weekends, even while away on vacation.”



“Cyndi is an exceptional communicator and service provider.”



“John made a three-step job interview a pleasant surprise! His positive attitude, knowledge and research behind the company that I applied for was very helpful.”